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Sports are an integral part of an athlete’s life. At St-Antoine Physio Vie Active, we understand the impact an injury can have on a person, and our priority is their safe return to sports. We place a lot of importance on the prevention and rapid detection of injuries.

We make a specific analysis of the injury to develop an effective treatment plan. Each treatment plan is individualized for the athlete and their sport.

The athletic rehabilitation includes a wide range of sports injuries, such as acute sports injuries, sprains, muscle strain, tendinopathy, bursitis, ligament or muscle tears, dislocations, instability, pre/post surgery rehabilitation and many more.

About us

St-Antoine Physio Vie Active Inc. was founded by Caroline LeBlanc, physiotherapist. Located in the heart of the town of St-Antoine, our mission is to offer local residents and surrounding areas with physiotherapy services of the highest quality.
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