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Caroline LeBlanc has 13 years of experience as a Physiotherapist. She graduated with Honours from the University of Ottawa in 2006. Since the beginning of her career, Caroline has been passionate about physiotherapy. Her dream has always been to open a practice in her native village of Saint-Antoine.

Throughout her youth, Caroline has always been very athletic. She has competed in cross-country, played soccer, ringette and also did competitive cycling. She made it all the way to the Canada Games in 2001, in London, Ontario, competing in cycling and mountain bike racing. This gave her a particular interest in working with athletes.

After graduating from university, she decided to volunteer with the Flyers of Moncton, the Midget AAA hockey team for the Moncton region, for 6 years and 1 year beforehand with Les Intrépides de Gatineau, the Midget AAA hockey team of that region. She has also volunteered for different sporting events (tennis, speed skating, soccer, volley-ball, and others). She is very knowledgeable regarding sports injuries and knows how important it is for athletes to return to the sports they love as soon as possible, but in a safe way.

Caroline is also trained in the treatment of vestibular disorders. This includes dizziness, vertigo, balance issues, and sensitivity to movement. The people who suffer these symptoms can see their quality of life diminish, and they benefit, often very quickly, with these treatments. With 10 years of experience treating this clientele, she has developed indispensable knowledge and experience to treat these issues, at times quite complex.

Caroline has a special interest in treating pregnant women. Having gone through 2 very painful pregnancies, both requiring her to stop working 1 month before the deliveries, she knows very well the impact that pain can have on the quality of life and function of a pregnant woman.

After having an emergency c-section for her first child, and a natural birth for her second, she has gone through 2 very different experiences. This helps her appreciate the difficult situations that pregnant women can go through. After going through these experiences herself, she decided to increase her knowledge regarding the treatment of pregnant and post-partum women. She has taken courses in RÖST therapy, which are treatments specific for this population. These techniques are very effective and can improve the quality of life and functional capacity of pregnant and post-partum women.

Caroline has a very personal approach, with compassion and empathy. She has a “hands on” approach, and does her best to offer you the most pleasant experience possible.

About us

St-Antoine Physio Vie Active Inc. was founded by Caroline LeBlanc, physiotherapist. Located in the heart of the town of St-Antoine, our mission is to offer local residents and surrounding areas with physiotherapy services of the highest quality.
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