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St-Antoine Physio Vie Active Inc. offers a wide range of treatments, individualized for each client. This can include one or more of the following treatments:

During the initial meeting, we will perform an assessment of your condition. This includes a short interview to better understand your problem, and an objective evaluation, where we will perform specific tests to discover the cause of the injury and determine the appropriate treatment. We will start with a treatment on that same day.

Manual Therapy
Articular mobilizations, which can be with or without movement. This is used to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joints, with the goal to decrease pain, increase joint range of motion, decrease inflammation, improve tissue healing, facilitate movement and improve function.

Myofascial Techniques
Manual techniques that help release injured structures, and activate the healing process.

Manual traction
Controlled distraction of the spine or joints, with the purpose of decreasing pain or compression forces.

Analgesic Modalities
This can include ice, heat, analgesic creams, etc…

Electrotherapeutic modalities
Ultrasounds, interferential currents, TENS, NMES (Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation), dyadynamic currents, etc…

Acupuncture is used to encourage natural healing, improve energy, reduce pain and improve function in the affected areas.

Different kinds of adhesive tape is used for different goals, ex: to support an articulation, limit movement, improve function, give “biofeedback”, encourage good muscular contraction, etc…

Possibly the most important part of your rehabilitation. Exercices will be prescribed in an individualized manner and will be specific to your injury.

Education concerning your condition, things to avoid/do, expectations regarding the progression of your rehabilitation and treatment plan explanation.

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About us

St-Antoine Physio Vie Active Inc. was founded by Caroline LeBlanc, physiotherapist. Located in the heart of the town of St-Antoine, our mission is to offer local residents and surrounding areas with physiotherapy services of the highest quality.
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